Hello! I'm Dal, 

I am a Wellness and Life Coach and TV, radio presenter. My business journey started in the Wellness industry in 1996, as a Personal Trainer, Dance Fitness Instructor and Fitness/ Sports Tutor.

In 2010 I launched my first exclusive Personal Training Studio & Gym. This established me as one of the first British Asian women to launch a gym in the UK.

My extensive career in the industry has established me as a highly respected lifestyle and wellness expert. My popular coaching programs and online products have helped people globally to get amazing results in all areas of their life.

In 2012 it became apparent to me that in order for me to grow my Wellness business and reach a global audience I had to become more internet and tech savvy. I had vast experience in sales from my previous roles in wellness and in the retail industry but very little in marketing and sales online.


I spent many late nights watching video tutorials, listening to podcasts, reading books and attending seminars with industry leaders, educating myself on all things business, digital media, marketing, PR, branding and more. This is when my interest in entrepreneurship grew.

I learnt fast and discovered I was good at all the ‘online stuff’ and this combined with my popularity and influence built on social media and respected reputation to deliver excellence, opened doors to opportunities and collaborations. I consult, speak, host and present at events and conventions within the wellness and business arena. 

In 2013 my career and life shifted direction in an unexpected, but very positive way. I was very fortunate to be headhunted on social media by a TV producer. Thereafter, my media career and public speaking profile was established. I went on to produce and host my own TV and radio shows.

I have been mentored by some of UK’s most renowned media coaches; TV & radio producers (BBC & Sky), and great leaders within the wellness and business arena. These skills, I have acquired over the years, have enabled me to create my online TV shows, podcast and digital products.

Through my various media, press and speaking engagements I share solutions, strategies and the tools to help people with their health and wellness, mindset , relationships, business and more. 

I’m passionate about exercise, keeping active, movement and dance. When I’m not busy working or studying I can be found at the gym, or at a dance or yoga class. Exercise and keeping active is a huge part of my life. I workout 6 days a week and very rarely miss a workout!

I really enjoy challenging myself and learning new things. I believe learning never stops and am currently studying a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree. 

I’m a very creative soul and enjoy sketching, painting, crafts, cooking, reading and writing. I’m a huge lover of music, comedy, musicals, fashion, socialising, sport and the great outdoors. I also love spending time with my family; my amazing husband, my three beautiful grown up daughters and my dog Alfie.

I love connecting and networking with people, so feel free to follow me on social media. 

Dal x 


Dal has been described as an ‘innovative and inspirational entrepreneur’ Her respected reputation to deliver excellence has led on to many opportunities and collaborations. She consults for some of UK’s leading Health and Fitness Operators – and presents at the leading shows, expos and conventions within the wellness and business arena. 

She is a highly experienced profession speaker, author, presenter, coach and is fast becoming one of the most sought after comperes and public speakers in the Health, Wellbeing and business arenas. Her warm and natural style of speaking has inspired many audiences globally. 

She has a wealth of presenting experience on stage, screen and radio. Her talks will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take action. Dal does this by making everything simple and easy for audiences to understand and easy for them to implement. She presents in a way everyone can relate to.



  • Health, Fitness, Wellbeing.
  • Corporate & Business Events.
  • Schools & University.
  • Charity Events.
  • TV & Media Events.
  • High Profile Events.


  • Advisory Board Member for the Asian Sports Foundation. 
  • Special Advisor on Physical Activity for Sporting Equals. 
  • Ambassador for Asian Women Of Achievement (AWA)
  • Finalist for Business Woman 2015 at The British Indian Awards.
  • Women who Inspire & Entrepreneur, The Woman Who Awards 2016.
  • Asian Women Of Achievement (AWA) 2017 finalist in Sports.  


Read what people are saying about Dal...

Senior Event Producer. The London Health Show 

“Dal is a natural at public speaking and an experienced host, with strong knowledge of her field. Her charming personality and tenacity are an inspiration. Dal was a very capable Chairperson of the conference sessions at the London Health Show 2016. She has a proven ability to use her initiative, industry expertise and motivational approach to life, in order to fully engage with her audience”. 

CEO at Sporting Equals 

“Dal has been an amazing acquisition to the Sporting Equals team. Apart from her knowledge on fitness and physical activity she has a style of public speaking that oozes passion, an excellent speaker and truly an expert in her field. We look forward in working with Dal on many projects in the future and I'm pleased to have her on board to advise and support my team in physical activity nationally. A charming and honest professional in promoting her passion of fitness through physical activity who is versatile and flexible across many fields. Super networker and wonderful personality!”

ITV News Central Presenter 

“Dal Dhaliwal is one of the most focused, driven Asian women I have met in recent years. Her passion for encouraging a healthy lifestyle amongst women is inspiring. Her positive attitude coupled with a genuine desire to be the best in her industry is admirable. She is definitely an Asian woman that stands out from the crowd.” 

Business Development Director at Consilium Consulting

“Dal is supportive, comes with a wealth of experience in business as well as her Training & Media sectors. A professional associate and a colleague whom I have known for a number of years – whilst working on a project Dal was engaging and willing to think outside the box. She demonstrated innovation, leadership and tenacity which I found helpful in driving the project to its conclusion. I think she can apply herself to most commercial projects and feel no hesitation in recommending her.”  

Founder and CEO at Azaad Media

“Dal is a pleasure to work with and an incredible person with a very positive energy around her. We have been working with her developing episodes of Dal TV and some other content for her I have to say I have always enjoyed the filming and the production process due to her personality and fun nature. Dal is extremely professional and a very talented host at her show, Dal TV and due to this, my work becomes a lot easier as she knows exactly what she’s doing.” 


“Dal is a fantastic role model and ambassador for the Asian Sports Foundation, a U.K. charity campaigning for equality and inclusion in sport. Dal has inspired many people in both business and physical activity”. 

CEO at The Mortgage Broker Ltd

“Dal is a fantastic social media expert; in fact our business relationship was formed on the back of this so she knows (1) how to do it and (2) how it works (3) how to help others gain business from her social media / PR skills. I have also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dal for Dal TV, she has a great relaxing interview technique – Watch this lady as she is going places!” 

Marketing Director

“Dal is a true professional at what she does and boy does she do a lot. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dal and was fortunate enough to appear on her show. She is a great host and is always up to date on the latest industry trends. Dal’s passionate about what she does and this comes across in her work and approach. I highly recommend Dal to anyone who is looking for a passionate professional with a fantastic personality. Once you work with Dal you’ll understand why she has such a great reputation, you won’t be disappointed.” 

Speaker, Author and Coach

“Dal has great passion and tenacity for helping others ‘step up’ in their life – be that improving confidence, health, wellbeing or entrepreneurial success. It was a great opportunity and pleasure appearing on Dal TV, BritAsia and Hillz FM Radio. Her easy-going interview style made the experience great fun and engaging for her followers.” 


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